Hungarian Business Angel Network (HUNBAN) – the official angel investor association of Hungary – was incorporated in April 2017. Its aim is to welcome and unite all business angels who are interested in investment opportunities not only on a local, but a regional level as well. The network’s mission is to integrate Hungary into the international circulation of business angels and truly represent both the companies and the investors’ interests.

Who are business angels?

Angel investors are those individuals who help and invest in early-stage businesses: not just with financial investment, but with professional support and network. 

Our activities

The association organizes a community of active Angel investors of Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe and individuals or organizations associated with the business angel community.

Our founders had an active role prior to the formal establishment of the Association usually on a pro bono basis.

The purpose of the association is to increase the efficiency of the Hungarian business angel market, the quantitative and qualitative development of startup investments, and the development of the startup ecosystem in the region.

We have regular professional forums to assure the exchange of views between members: They can share experiences, knowledge and good practice. We work on connecting to foreign angel investors in order to build up a wide network and ensure cross-border deals.

HUNBAN has more than 350 subscribers. Join us!