Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 17.13.32
Participants of the first Women / Business / Angels conference

MEN AND WOMEN – Working on success together

Budapest, 2017 October 7, Friday – The first Women/Business/Angel Conference was held in the Nokia Skypark with more than 80 participants.

The WOMEN / BUSINESS / ANGELS Initiative launched this event to involve more women in the business angel scene.

The movement was founded by Eszter Szabó (edUcate one, Krynica Economic Forum), the first female member of the Hungarian Business Angel Network (HUNBAN).

Antal Karolyi, president of HUNBAN supports gender equality amongst business people and found Szabó a great partner in encouraging women to learn more about business angels.

The conference was opened by Candace Johnson, president of European Business Angel Network (EBAN). “I’m happy to support and participate in joint development.”- said Johnson.

The event then continued with inspirational presentations from the investor world: first Orsolya Párkányi, founder of joinmywedding, Katalin Ivánka, owner of IVANKA Beton Design and Tamás-Irsai Renáta, founder of Samebug shared their personal stories.

Then Lénárd Horgos, founder of M27 Absolvo, presented an interesting comparison of the differences between venture capital and business angel investments.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 17.12.53
HUNBAN President Antal Károlyi presenting on the Conference

In Pegyur Veronika’s (Managing Director of Budapest Bridge) panel discussion with Gabriella Liptay, marketing and communications director at KPMG Hungary, Eszter Varga, entrepreneur and angel investor and Németh Gergely, HUNBAN member, they talked about what motivates and inspires an investor. It became clear that in addition to finances, the impact is an important aspect when investing.

Later on the creative workshop, ‘World Café’ (co-financed by ImpactHub with three other co-working offices – Loffice, Kaptár and Mosaic) made the participants discuss interesting questions, such as ‘How would you describe a woman business angel?’ and ‘What would you invest in?’.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 17.13.16
World Café workshop – illustrated by Livits Réka, Visual Facilitator

“Only in Europe an annual EUR 8.6 billion is invested in businesses (data from 2015), of which 71% is invested by business angels. It’s an astonishing economic significance. Unfortunately, women are almost completely absent from this scene, with a proportion of only 5%,” said Antal Károlyi, president of HUNBAN.

The event was closed by Alain Nadeau, director of the European Investment Bank, providing professional support for coalition and co-operation to the innovative Women / Business/ Angels program.

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