The pitching presentation is one of the most important ingredients of your company brand. It is either a convincing or an amateur work. But how to build it up? HUNBAN helps you to make the best of it.

As a base, you’ll have to download AAIA‘s Pitch-deck Guideline, which is a great starting point. Then let’s have a look at it together.

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Step 1. Make two presentations – one will be on-stage and the other in your hand

Why do you do it?

You have to remember: on-stage slides are to visually encourage your presentation. They are rather pictures than book pages.

While you roundabout your company, the slides will work as visual explanations of the content.

How do you do it?

  1. Work out the slides in a document based on the Pitch-deck Guideline.
  2. Go through the text and mark the words that summarize the content.
  3. The summary words will go to the On-stage version and the explanation to your handy version.

When presenting, you show the On-stage version to the audience and keep the other version in your hand until you learn it by heart.

Step 2. Choose the colors

Why do you do it?

Different colors get different responses from human brain. The aesthetic of the slide is important but do not let the background take the attention from the content.

How do you do it?

Describe the impression you want to give about your company. Is it Elegant? Is it Fun? Is it Trustworthy? Refreshing? Artsy? Who is it for? The more accurate you can imagine the persona, the easier you will find the right colors.

Some examples:

  • Bright Pink: Exciting, Happy, Hot, Attention-getting, Energetic, Youthful, Spirited, Fun, Trendy, Wild
  • Burgundy: Rich, Elegant, Tasty, Refined, Expensive, Mature
  • Peach: Nurturing, Soft, Fuzzy, Delicious, Fruity, Sweet, Inviting
  • Pure white: Pure, Clean, Sterile, Innocent, Silent, Lightweight, Airy, Bright, Glistening
  • Navy blue: Credible, Authoritative, Basic, Classic, Conservative, Dependable, Traditional, Uniforms, Service, Nautical, Professional, Serene, Quiet
  • Aqua: Cool, Fresh, Liquid, Ocean, Refreshing, Healing
  • Dark Green: Nature, Trustworthy, Refreshing, Cool, Restful, Stately, Forest, Quiet, Woodsy, Traditional, Money
  • Neutral Grey: Classic, Cool, Sober, Corporate, Practical, Timeless, Quality, Quiet, Ghosty


Step 3. Add pictures

Why do you do it?

A good presentation will make all three types of memories (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic) remember your point. That means with an effective picture you already caught the 2/3 of your audience!

How do you do it?

Choose pictures that are both quality and simple and of course, relevant to the topic.

Hope this blog post was helpful for you. If you find so, please share it so others can learn it, too!

author: Mária Volkov

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