Are you a (future) Business Angel?

Check if you meet the criteria of the Hungarian Business Angel Network members.

  •  You already made your own fortune.
  • Now you would like to give back to the society through supporting young entrepreneurs with innovational products/ideas.
  • You would like to help these projects not only financially but with your EXPERTISE, EXPERIENCE, and NETWORK.
  •  You plan to start it within the next two years.

Satisfied the requirements?
Congratulations! You are a great Business Angel material!


Advantages of joining us

Our members have access to high-quality investments within Hungary and the Central and Eastern European region. We are committed to building up a network of business angels in order to collaborate on deals, share experience and motivation.

Knowing about the greatest projects let us give our members the feeling of a great return on their investment.

We organize regular conferences, forums and showcases of potential projects.

The annual (from January to December) membership fee is HUF80,000 which is used for the general operations of the association. The membership fee is VAT-free.

To start the application process, please fill out this application form, and we will contact you soon.


Individual data will be treated confidentially and will not be shared internally or externally; only selected board members will be privy to individual responses.